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Our qualities are our pride

Everyone has known Alhamra Shopping City for over 20 years. In this time they didn’t have to go anywhere else to meet the needs that everyone came for. Here they can find all kinds of products that everymen needs.
The best customer service of all time is committed
You can all kinds of needs completed from Al Hamra.

Why You Choose US

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In Al Hamra Shopping City, you will find the hotel of your choice to stay the day. One of the most popular hotels in Sylhet, Richmond is located in Al -Hamra.


In Al Hamra Shopping City, you will find all kinds of shops for shopping which you need. Everything you need from the child to the oldest is available


There are available many kinds of training centers such as IELTS or IT and these are very famous institutions in Sylhet City.

Our Plan

Al Hamra Shopping City is one of the well-known shopping malls located in Sylhet. We plan to keep our customers satisfied and deliver quality services for them. We are working to make this shopping center one of the most popular shopping centers in Bangladesh. Nowadays we are now known as one of the leading shopping malls in Sylhet for maintaining the quality of all shoppers as well as providing the best service to our customers.

Our Mission

Our main goal here is to provide space for different types of offices, hotels for accommodation, restaurants for meals. We’re working on how to make these aspects better suited to people. We are also working on other topics so that everyone who comes to us can take benefit from all the good opportunities from Al Hamra. Soon we will be known as one of the most unique and popular shopping city in Bangladesh

Our Management

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